Charlotte's love of art and animals
Although she has always had a love of art, Charlotte's passion for painting began in 2004. Since then, she has developed her craft and built a name for herself. Her artwork can be seen in private homes around the world, as her reputation as an artist spreads.

A mother, wife and animal lover, Charlotte surrounds herself with nature, and can often be found enjoying the beauty of her environment. She finds inspiration in her wide collection of loving pets, including dogs, cats and chickens, as well as walking her dog in near by countryside. As a result of this passion, every artwork and design that Charlotte creates bursts with lively energy. She founded Dylshouse to share the wonder and happiness that she felt in nature with the world.

Like every item in our store, the name of Dylshouse comes from a very special story. Years ago, when Charlotte first began to seriously create art in her studio, she had a chocolate Labrador named Dylan. Since they were so close, Dylan would follow her everywhere and was always at her side even during the late nights in the studio. Her daughter took to calling Charlotte's studio “Dylan's House”, which was promptly shortened to Dylshouse. Ever since then, the name stuck.

Dylshouse is situated in the beautiful County of Wiltshire.
Each Print that we sell has been printed from an original painting by Charlotte Johnson
Each painting is scanned at a high dpi allowing the printer to colour match the Print to the original art work.
Producing a high quality product.